Baby Nursery Painting Ideas        

By eHow Contributor Cassie Wilson
updated: August 19, 2009

New parents want to welcome their child into an exciting and stimulating nursery, but also look for designs that can grow with the child without the need for major redecorating. Paint is one of the most adaptable methods to decorate a baby nursery without blowing your budget and allows for a custom look.

Choosing colors

While pink, blue and yellow are traditional for nurseries, don't be afraid to go bold. Instead of a pale pink, try a bubble-gum pink. If you're not up for that intense of a look, consider painting just one wall a bright color. The versatility of paint also allows for patterns such as color blocks or stripes, or various shades of the same color.

The nursery can coordinate with the decor of your other rooms, or it can stand alone. Blending unconventional "baby" colors, such as muted earth tones, gives a warm, welcoming feel to the nursery. Bold primary colors create a cheery, eye-popping environment. Some dark and light contrast in the room works well, because your baby sees dark and light best. Also, consider painting the ceiling something other than white or painting the floor a complimentary color.

Creating a unique room

Every child is unique and his or her room is no exception. Using stencils, murals or hand-painted designs produces that one-of-a-kind bedroom. Stencils allow you to place a design anywhere on the wall--there's no rule stencils or borders have to be at the top or at chair-rail length. Stencils require several layers of color and require some precise measurements. Pre-cut stencils, such as flowers, initials, animals, etc. are available in stores, or create your own.

Murals vary in size and shape. You can cover an entire wall, or just put up some interesting pictures or characters. Adding murals to a one-color room allows your infant to see more contrast. Professional murals can be found in stores and online, or you can cut out wallpaper samples to make your own.

A hand-painted design really personalizes your baby's room. If you're not the artistic type, there are artists available who will paint free-form in your nursery. Here, the sky's the limit! Imagine clouds on the ceiling, trees on the wall and happy birds and bees. Less adventurous? Freehand letters of the alphabet, numbers, and/or your child's name add personality. The whole family can be involved -- have each member hand-paint an animal to create one-of-a-kind memories.

Choosing a paint

Latex is best for walls. A semi-gloss will be easier to keep clean than a flat finish. Low-VOC paint (volatile organic compounds) ensures the vapors won't impact mother or child, especially if you paint six to eight weeks before birth to give the room time to air out. Paint and hardware store employees can recommend the best brushes and rollers for your task.